Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Great Plains States, Fair Reflection Ignored by the Democratic Party.

After reading this article please check out the important link updates about Caucus Cheating and the documentary "We Will Not Be Silenced" near the bottom of this article.

Barack Obama won many of his caucus state contests in the Great Plains States and surrounding areas. But the final week of the 2008 democratic campaign raised a huge question mark over those Great Plains States Caucus Contest Victories when Hillary Clinton easily won a South Dakota PRIMARY.

Between the two final contests of Montana and South Dakota, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama basically tied in the popular vote. Once again we have an example in which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very close in the overall popular vote, but Barack Obama wins the caucus delegates by a 2-1 margin and Hillary Clinton barely gains a lead in the primary contest delegates.

While some may call this good political strategy, what happened to one person, one vote that democratic party refes to as "Fair Reflection"? Virtually every caucus state that had a poll taken one week or less before their caucus contest revealed Hillary Clinton either winning, or at the worst tied with Barack Obama!
Clearly the 2-1 margin of Victory in the Great Plains Caucus Contests and surrounding areas were NOT a FAIR REFLECTION of the democratic popular vote for the entire region. It looks pretty evident that the two democratic candidates were much much closer in the states that held primaries, with Hillary Clinton holding a strategic lead in 8 of the 10 biggest states, many of which are known as "Swing States."

Only a popular vote primary in all of the caucus contest states will truly reveal who is the stronger candidate, and most likely it would show that Barack Obama is at best tied with Hillary Clinton where previously Barack Obama had a 2-1 caucus delegate lead. But a tie in the caucus contests would reveal Hillary Clinton to be the overall stronger candidate because she has done so well in the primary contests.

If a primary revote were done in all of the caucus states and Hillary Clinton closed the gap from the overly inflated 66% to 33% to a much more realistic 50-50 split, Hillary Clinton would have emerged as the stronger democratic candidate than Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party, the party that claims to believe in Fair Reflection, has chosen to ignore this concept during the 2008 democratic campaign. I believe the the democratic party will regret their lack of fair reflection in 2008. Let me correct that statement, I believe the democratic higher ups who have no remorse over not fairly reflecting the will of the voters in all states will feel the wrath of voters this fall, and hopefully they will be removed from power.

Additional examples of Caucus Contests that reveal a huge disparity to Primary results for the same states can be found here.

The four worst offenders in my opinion are Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, and Nancy Pelosi. Once they have all been replaced, I plan on returning to the democratic party.

(Important update- July 12, 2010)
HillBuzz has devoted an article to the documentary "We Will not Be Silenced" which is helping to chronicle the cheating and thuggish tactics that went on during the 2008 democratic election process along with the presidential contest as well.

And there is this thread on HillBuzz article about We Will Not Be Silenced.

I wanted to contribute to the article but for some reason my comments don't seem to get through however don't let that deter you from contributing any bad experiences you had during the 2008 elections.


Anonymous said...

I agree. There's no question Mrs. Clinton is the strongest candidate in the fall, and it's ridiculous for Obama to assume that he's the "only one" who can win the Great Plains states as I firmly believe he'll lose every last one of 'em (save perhaps Colorado, which isn't technically a Great Plains state at all due to the Rocky Mountains).

That Obama lost South Dakota despite nearly every politician of note on the Democratic side from there endorsing him (and all but one of the supers prior to the end of the primary season endorsing him, too) speaks volumes; this guy limped across the finish line with the help of the DNC, while Mrs. Clinton was running full out despite having both her arms and one of her legs bound behind her due to the reprehensible actions of the DNC.

Good analysis.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I believe Mrs. Clinton would win South Dakota, possibly Montana, and even Nebraska in the fall if she's the Presidential pick. She also would have a shot at Iowa and a good shot at Minnesota.

Whereas I doubt Obama can win any of those states -- not even Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Caucus may be full of fraud - bit it is certainly full of peer pressure.

In most cases, it's a public vote - so there is a lot of public pressure. It was a no-win situation for many as either you are a racist or a misogynist.

Also, the people who caucus are more than likely activists. You really have to care to take the time to listen to all the caucus voters rant before you get a chance to vote.

Caucuses are very unfair to people with jobs and families who cannot afford the time to do something which shouldn't take more time than a general election vote takes.

The entire caucus system should be scrapped - the last votes in Iraq had more integrity than votes in the '08 US caucus states.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand any of this. Move on people! Do you people realize that there were hundreds of thousands of votes for Hillary made by republicans in the primaries? All this bickering does is work toward a 3rd Bush term??
Are we going to pout our way to further ruining the country? Do you want a dominion theologist one step from the presidency - just waiting to start the apocalypse?

Alessandro Machi said...

John McCain is more concerned with leaving a great legacy that will include cooperation.

Barack Obama apparently ignored his own mother in her final year of life. Instead Barack schoozmed the Chicago foundation circles and flew over his dying mother so he could finish his book in Bali.

Now he has collected as much 200 million in unknown sources of donations, spent it all, and can't wait to get his hands on a lot more.

NO thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, stay away. We're better off without you.

Alessandro Machi said...

No thanks, I'm not going to love it or leave it. I'm for exposing the shenanigans the democratic higher-ups perpetrated on their own party so we can have a fair and balanced political system.