Friday, June 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton Supporters Can Split Their Vote this Fall.

For those who plan on staying upset over how Hillary Clinton has been swindled out of this years democratic nomination, may I suggest a split the vote concept.

If you decide to vote for John McCain, vote for the Democratic legislators in your district.

If you decide to vote for Barack Obama, vote for the Republican legislators in your district.

The DNC split the Vote in Florida and Michigan, and now you have the opportunity to return the favor this fall.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

FAIR REFLECTION HISTOGRAM, Even when HIllary Clinton wins 11 of 12 states, it's 555 delegates for Hillary, 550 delegates for Barack Obama.

I believe the above Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama histogram is one of three main points that must remain visible over the summer. The other two points are the absence of Fair Reflection in the caucus states (which resulted in an unrepresentative 150-200 delegate swing in Barack Obama's favor), and the third point is the behind the scenes shenanigans involving various media outlets.

These media outlets include an unhealthy association between George Soros, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Media Matters,, Newsweek, and CNN. It was this group effort that worked their vitrol against Hillary Clinton. My concern is because it involved the media pretending to be news gathers when they were actually agenda driven Obama supporters, they committed fraud.

I believe their deceit may rise to the level of an FBI investigation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fair Reflection, Fairness Matters Postcards.

I've created about 15 postcards with different messages on them. The idea is to mail them to anyone in Washington that you feel needs to be carded. If you like this idea, pricing should be around 99 cents. For 99 cents a postcard that you choose will be mailed to the location you want it mailed to.

I've put five samples up on my five blogs.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fair Reflection Protest, How to Alert the Democratic National Party that Fair Reflection Matters.

If we started mailing in small mirrors to the democratic national party, perhaps they will get the message that fair reflection, especially in the caucus state contests, is of utmost importance to those of us who will not vote for Barack Obama because of the cheating that went on in the caucus state contests.

I first heard Harold Ickes use the phrase "Fair Reflection" when he was discussing delegate allocations with Robert Wexler, a Florida Legislator. Wexler stated that since Hillary picked up 19 net delegates from her victories in Pennsylvania and Ohio, she should be grateful for Barack Obama's generosity in letting Hillary Clinton have 19 net delegates from Florida.

Fair Reflection means that wins in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas should carry more weight than Barack Obama's victory in the Minnesota Caucus Contest. Barack Obama actually picked up more net delegates from ONE Minnesota Caucus victory than Hillary Clinton picked up by winning in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, MIchigan, Indiana, and Nevada. This is called Unfair Reflection.

If you decide to send a mirror into the DNC as a form of protest, please make sure it has hardened plastic around the entire edge of the mirror so that it doesn't cut anybody, and pack the item safely. We want to make sure the DNC looks at themselves each and every time they open a package with a mirror inside.

Fair Reflection must win out or the democratic party will take a long time to heal from their arrogance in ignoring it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Great Plains States, Fair Reflection Ignored by the Democratic Party.

After reading this article please check out the important link updates about Caucus Cheating and the documentary "We Will Not Be Silenced" near the bottom of this article.

Barack Obama won many of his caucus state contests in the Great Plains States and surrounding areas. But the final week of the 2008 democratic campaign raised a huge question mark over those Great Plains States Caucus Contest Victories when Hillary Clinton easily won a South Dakota PRIMARY.

Between the two final contests of Montana and South Dakota, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama basically tied in the popular vote. Once again we have an example in which Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are very close in the overall popular vote, but Barack Obama wins the caucus delegates by a 2-1 margin and Hillary Clinton barely gains a lead in the primary contest delegates.

While some may call this good political strategy, what happened to one person, one vote that democratic party refes to as "Fair Reflection"? Virtually every caucus state that had a poll taken one week or less before their caucus contest revealed Hillary Clinton either winning, or at the worst tied with Barack Obama!
Clearly the 2-1 margin of Victory in the Great Plains Caucus Contests and surrounding areas were NOT a FAIR REFLECTION of the democratic popular vote for the entire region. It looks pretty evident that the two democratic candidates were much much closer in the states that held primaries, with Hillary Clinton holding a strategic lead in 8 of the 10 biggest states, many of which are known as "Swing States."

Only a popular vote primary in all of the caucus contest states will truly reveal who is the stronger candidate, and most likely it would show that Barack Obama is at best tied with Hillary Clinton where previously Barack Obama had a 2-1 caucus delegate lead. But a tie in the caucus contests would reveal Hillary Clinton to be the overall stronger candidate because she has done so well in the primary contests.

If a primary revote were done in all of the caucus states and Hillary Clinton closed the gap from the overly inflated 66% to 33% to a much more realistic 50-50 split, Hillary Clinton would have emerged as the stronger democratic candidate than Barack Obama.

The Democratic Party, the party that claims to believe in Fair Reflection, has chosen to ignore this concept during the 2008 democratic campaign. I believe the the democratic party will regret their lack of fair reflection in 2008. Let me correct that statement, I believe the democratic higher ups who have no remorse over not fairly reflecting the will of the voters in all states will feel the wrath of voters this fall, and hopefully they will be removed from power.

Additional examples of Caucus Contests that reveal a huge disparity to Primary results for the same states can be found here.

The four worst offenders in my opinion are Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, and Nancy Pelosi. Once they have all been replaced, I plan on returning to the democratic party.

(Important update- July 12, 2010)
HillBuzz has devoted an article to the documentary "We Will not Be Silenced" which is helping to chronicle the cheating and thuggish tactics that went on during the 2008 democratic election process along with the presidential contest as well.

And there is this thread on HillBuzz article about We Will Not Be Silenced.

I wanted to contribute to the article but for some reason my comments don't seem to get through however don't let that deter you from contributing any bad experiences you had during the 2008 elections.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Harold Ickes "Fair Reflection" comment misrepresented by the American Media.

I have had to rerun this article after noticing the american media is trying to camouflauge and change the context under which the phrase "Fair Reflection" was used when Harold Ickes questioned Robert Wexler about its meaning.

I am stunned at the level of deception our own american media is stooping to in an effort to change a pivotal moment in the Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Florida Michigan delegate battle.

Robert Wexler makes a very controversial statement...."What we are saying is that up to the number of 19, which is the maximum amount allowable under the Ausman Petition and under your rules. WE THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN WILL SUPPORT THAT EFFORT, AND WE DO SO, WE DO SO, IN AN EFFORT OF UNITY."

"Why Mr. Ickes, is it a significant concession?"

"Because in the State of Ohio and the State of Pennsylvania, TOGETHER, Senator Clinton WON A TOTAL OF 19 DELEGATES!!!"

"and here we are today offering a resolution that brings Florida voters TOGETHER, that actually amounts to both the victories of Ohio and Pennsylvania! Let us UNIFY, LET US MOVE ON!" -Robert Wexler

(The pro Obama supporters cheer this rampantly arrogant and completely misguided, idiotic reasoning. It is this "reasoning" which also permeates the elitist Obama brainchild to an alarming degree)."
Commentary by Alessandro Machi about the above statement of Robert Wexler.

Besides Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mr. Wexler could have added Texas, Nevada, and Indiana to his infamous 19 Delegate list. All five states were Hillary Clinton Wins, and all five actually netted Hillary Clinton ONLY 18 delegates more than Barack Obama!

Do you see the narcissism and arrogance, the "mine, mine, mine" style of politicking the Obama camp runs? The Barack Obama camp is actually bragging that the 19 Florida delegates they want to bestow on Hillary Clinton is an incredibly generous offer. The Barack Obama 19 Florida delegate offer is one more than the sum total of delegates that Hillary Clinton gained over Barack Obama in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, PLUS Texas, Nevada, and Indiana, ALL HILLARY CLINTON VICTORY STATES!

lol, isn't it possible, just possible, that winning a decisive plurality when millions upon millions of voters vote, (also known as "Fair Reflection") is more significant and bankable than the cheating the Obama camp did in the caucus states to pick up a couple of hundred questionable delegates?

"Fair Reflection" is a concept that is completely oblivious to the Barack Obama camp and clearly was not used as a bellweather to limit the amount of cheating that the Barack Obama side was involved in during their caucus campaigning.

A wise leader knows to limit the amount of cheating to just below what will be noticed. lol, Clearly Barack Obama is not a wise leader.

Ickes is stunned into Silence by the bravado of the intellectually bankrupt opposition.

Robert Wexler listens as Harold Ickes asks, "I gather that you agree with the concept of fair reflection?"

Mr. Wexler looks confused, but smugly confident nonetheless since he doesn't fear that which he cannot comprehend. The pro Obama side cheers on Mr. Wexler as if to say "You may not know what "Fair Reflection means", but we don't either so it must not matter".

In a signature moment that defines the Obama campaign motto of "If we don't understand you, then you don't make sense", Mr. Wexler mockingly and cockily presumes that not only does he not know what fair reflection is, it just doesn't matter to him nor the Obama side.

Mr. Ickes, realizing that he is up against pure bravado backed by youthful inexperience, does not attempt to educate the defiantly uneducatable. This is what the real democratic party is up against. Youthful arrogance that can't comprehend it was Bill Clinton's administration that laid the foundation for their own parents being able to save money during the 90's so they could go to college. Apparently that college education has been used to hate Hillary Clinton, and to cheat in the caucus state voting. wow.

Hillary Clinton is also up against a sordid duo of Billionaire George Soros and secret love interest Arianna Huffington and the politics of hating those who stay married, competently raise a child, and show their love and respect for each other through their mutual teamwork in their political careers. The democratic party is being done in by ilicit lovers who have fricasseed a successful, intelligent, married woman. Double wow.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Welcome to Fair Reflection blog. This blog will be a compilation of all the violations of Fair Reflection that the democratic party has been complicent in during the 2008 democratic presidential election.