Friday, July 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards are now Online!

You can order Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards at AlexLOGIC on Amazon dot com

I believe if thousands upon thousands of these postcards end up at various locations such as the DNC, it can make a difference. The postcards are professionally produced and come with tiered discount pricing.

Other places to mail the postcards to include delegates, superdelegates, politicians, radio, television, and newspaper pundits.

Please DO NOT order these postcards if you are John McCain or Barack Obama supporters or do not plan on resending out the postcards after you receive them.

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards can be ordered at AlexLOGIC on Amazon dot com

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How the DNC Strip Voted the Democratic Nomination to Barack Obama's Favor while undermining Hillary Clinton.

You may think it's funny, but if someone is willing to put an ad in a newspaper for people with balance issues, than clearly balance issues affect a measureable portion of those who vote.

It is pretty much a given that older people are more likely to have balance issues than younger people (not counting drunken college aged kids too stupid to know they've had enough). While the younger crowd will actually seek out losing their balance while skateboarding, doing bicycle jumps, or just driving around drunk, older people are more cautious and will avoid places in which their balance issue could result in an unfortunate fall.

Did the Caucus State Contests Fairly Reflect people with balance issues?

It was this kind of voter strip mining of the democratic party that in most cases adversely affected Hillary Clinton and greatly benefited Barack Obama. I'll expand on this article tomorrow and provide additional data on strip voting that favored Barack Obama in Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida and probably other states as well.