Saturday, June 21, 2008

FAIR REFLECTION HISTOGRAM, Even when HIllary Clinton wins 11 of 12 states, it's 555 delegates for Hillary, 550 delegates for Barack Obama.

I believe the above Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama histogram is one of three main points that must remain visible over the summer. The other two points are the absence of Fair Reflection in the caucus states (which resulted in an unrepresentative 150-200 delegate swing in Barack Obama's favor), and the third point is the behind the scenes shenanigans involving various media outlets.

These media outlets include an unhealthy association between George Soros, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Media Matters,, Newsweek, and CNN. It was this group effort that worked their vitrol against Hillary Clinton. My concern is because it involved the media pretending to be news gathers when they were actually agenda driven Obama supporters, they committed fraud.

I believe their deceit may rise to the level of an FBI investigation.


Angelo said...

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Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Angelo, I am on the fence about the word "NO". I'm more for Hillary Clinton than against Barack Obama.

I hope you understand.