Thursday, July 3, 2008

How the DNC Strip Voted the Democratic Nomination to Barack Obama's Favor while undermining Hillary Clinton.

You may think it's funny, but if someone is willing to put an ad in a newspaper for people with balance issues, than clearly balance issues affect a measureable portion of those who vote.

It is pretty much a given that older people are more likely to have balance issues than younger people (not counting drunken college aged kids too stupid to know they've had enough). While the younger crowd will actually seek out losing their balance while skateboarding, doing bicycle jumps, or just driving around drunk, older people are more cautious and will avoid places in which their balance issue could result in an unfortunate fall.

Did the Caucus State Contests Fairly Reflect people with balance issues?

It was this kind of voter strip mining of the democratic party that in most cases adversely affected Hillary Clinton and greatly benefited Barack Obama. I'll expand on this article tomorrow and provide additional data on strip voting that favored Barack Obama in Nevada, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida and probably other states as well.


CaffineQueen said...

So glad your blogs got unlocked! I just wish the bots would listen instead of trying to shut all of us up.

Keep writing! It's our duty to speak out and they will figure it out eventually. After their golden calf loses!

A.M. said...

ha, I see you are with wordpress.

Having the blogs shut down really messed up my rhythm of posting. I'm also designing my Hillary Clinton Protest postcards and should have them up for sale by July 8, 2008.

Thanks for the encouragement.

diana said...

Any word on what Harold Ickes is up to, or whether there is any plan to pursue delegate appropriations with the credentials committee?
It's been too quiet for comfort, as warranted I suppose by Hillary Clinton's "suspension". Just wondering if you knew of anything in the wind and could give us an update on that regard. Thanks for your site. It is a fabulous reminder of fair process in politics.

grather said...

Check out Bonnie Erbe's article on "Obama's Fundraising Hypocrisy"

A.M. said...

Thank you Diana,

I wish a private citizen would file a lawsuit asking for a declaration as to whether or not the democratic party violated the concept of fair reflection.